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Handouts are provided inside the sessions. You will see a link to the LEFT of each session, if handouts are given. You will have to access handouts inside the website. 

Certificate for PD Hours?

Each PD option has a certificate for credit hours provided inside the sessions. You just print them out. Please note, these certificates are only accessible inside the website, so you must grab them before your access expires. 
Also, we can't promise your state or district will accept the PD certificate. We highly recommend checking with your district's office to check. 


This almost never gets asked, but no we do not offer refunds. We offer the agreed upon content for the agreed upon time frame. 

Can I Record or Get the Presentation?

No, you can not record or film any part of the sessions and presentations are not provided. 

How Do I View?

You will get an emailed link to log into the content. Your content is open the days we advertised. Your view the content on a device inside the website. You may stop, rewind, and re-watch material for your entire access.


It happens to us all, we all need password help. You can request a new password by going to the log in site and clicking "request a new password." It comes pretty quickly. Check your junk email and spam folders. 


Each PD offering has different access windows. Check your initial email or the PD offerings page to make sure you know how long you have access. 

Something else?

Email [email protected]